Can we set a sequence number to the Application form?

Yes, you can set the application sequence number.

Application number settings page helps you to define application number based on the mode of application such as Manual or Online Application. Application number sequence can be set for Manual application and Online application.

Manual Application

For Manual Application numbers, the range for the application numbers to be set. Enter the number in From and To fields to set the beginning number and ending number respectively for the academic year. Define whether the range should be applicable for all classes or a specific class.

When multiple ranges are defined, the system considers the lowest number from the ranges available to start generating the application number. The highest number from the available ranges is considered as the end of the application numbers.

Online Application

For Online Application, set the branch prefix. This helps you identify for which branch the application has been submitted by looking at the number.

You define the application number sequence Grade wise or class category wise or board wise or none.

For example, the application sequence is set for the academic year 2019-20.
When you choose Grade wise sequence, the application number would be for Grade 1: 2019-20/ branch prefix code/Grade1/ 001
Grade 2: 2019-20/ branch prefix code/Grade2/ 001
When you choose Class Category wise sequence, the application number would be for

Pre Primary:

2019-20/ branch prefix code/pre-primary/ 001
2019-20/ branch prefix code/pre-primary/ 002
So on so forth.


2019-20/ branch prefix code/primary/ 001
2019-20/ branch prefix code/primary/ 002
So on so forth.

When you choose board wise sequence, the application number would be for


2019-20/ branch prefix code/CBSE/ 001
2019-20/ branch prefix code/CBSE/ 002
So on so forth.


2019-20/ branch prefix code/ICSE/ 001
2019-20/ branch prefix code/ICSE/ 002
So on so forth.

To set the application sequence number, visit the Application no Settings page.

Path: Settings/Admissions / Application no. Settings