How does Biometric Device ID mapping help?

The device ID will be provided by our vendor after installing Biometric machines/Patch files at the clients place. This will help in fetching the data from the client’s machine to MCB Server. Schools can use the biometric machine alone for students or staff or both. This needs to be set against the ‘Device for’ filed as Staff or Student or Staff and Student

You need to set the device for
Staff – When only the staff are going to punch in the biometric machine
Student – when only the students are going to punch in the machine
Staff & Student – when both Staff and Students are going to use the same for punching.

Note: ‘n’ number of machines can have the same Biometric Device ID.

Path: Settings / HR/ Biometric mapping

How to handle Allowances and Deductions in our payroll processing?

Schools can set Basic salary based on the percentage or enter manually.
When you choose to calculate basic based on the percentage, the system will automatically calculate the based on the percentage in the total gross salary.
When you choose to enter manually, the system considers the amount you enter against the employee in salary details individually.

Schools can create Allowances and Deductions based on the percentage or manual.

Allowances are the positive amounts that will add and reflect in the salary based on the percentage or manual settings.
Ex: HRA, Basic, TDS, etc.

Deductions are the amounts that will deduct every month based on the salary settings.
Eg: PF, ESI,

We can mention the amount as Exact amount, round off to nearest rupee, Floor or ceiling amount.

You can View Allowance / Deduction overall settings under view Allowance/Deductions tab.

You can also Copy Allowances/Deductions from one Branch to another Branch.

Path: Settings/ HR / Add Allowances

We would like to set a limit for staff attendance modification in a month. Is it possible?

Yes, You can set the following limitations to staff attendance modification at a branch level.

Threshold percentage – This is the percentage of value we will mention, that the principal can modify the attendance branch wise
Max Days – The Max. number of days, the principal can modify the attendance with respect to early leaving and late coming in a month.

Allowed Staff Modified MaxDays – The Max. no.of days that the staff attendance can get modified in a month.

Path: Settings/ HR / Staff Attendance Approval Settings