How to approve Assignments?

Assignment approval access is available for a class coordinator if approvals settings are active.

In the absence Coordinator access to any staff and when approval settings are active, Principal of the branch can approve the Assignment.

So, please make sure the settings are active and users are assigned with the respective access level and classes.

Please note that the Assignment can be approved only when a class teacher / Staff creates it.

If the coordinator or Principal creates the Assignment, it is published instantly without any approval.

To approve the Assignment from Coordinator / Principal login, please follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Login to MCB with Coordinator / Principal access credentials

Step 2: Click on Communication on the menu bar

Step 3: Choose the Approve Assignment option on the dashboard under Approvals.

Step 4: Click on Approve option against the Assignment name to approve the Photo Gallery.

Step 5: To Edit the Assignment Name and Description, Click on Edit option.

Step 6: Make the changes required in Title and Description and click on Update to confirm the changes or Cancel to revert the changes.

Step 7: Click on delete option to delete the Assignment.

Step 8: Click Yes, Delete it option to confirm the deletion of the Gallery. Click No, Cancel to Cancel the deletion of Assignment.