How to create an Enquiry form or How to enter details in Enquiry form?

Step 1: Sign in to the MyClassboard website with Admin login credentials.

Step 2: Select Admissions from Home.

Step 3: Click on front office and select Enquiry Form

Step 4: Click on Create new on the right corner.

Step 5: A Dialogue box will appear, Select the academic year and enter your phone number and then click on search.

Step 6: Click on Continue to create new.

Step 7: Fill the enquiry form and then click on save.

Step 8: Enquiry form will be saved successfully and Enquiry code will be displayed.

You can check whether your enquiry has been created or not. This is how you can do it.

Step 9: Go to search and click on Enquiry Search.

Step 10: Search by Enquiry code which is displayed while saving the form or By phone number which you have provided to create the form.

Step 11: If your Enquiry Form is saved successfully then it will be displayed here. Or you can create it again by following the above steps.