What kind of Email alerts can we schedule for school admin?

Receive a snapshot of important information specific to Organization and Branches without having to login MCB on your Email.

MCB Email Alerts provide timely updates on the following areas on a regular/weekly/ Monthly basis for your review.

The following types of email alerts we can schedule for the desired email IDs.

Organization Email Alerts:

  1. Enrollment review counts: Enquiry / Application Enrollment Review Counts for the Academic Year as on Date and weekly.
  2. Fee collection Summary:
    • Fee collections for (Previous Academic Year),
    • Fee collections for (Current Academic Year),
    • Back Date Receipts Entry (Previous Day),
    • Manual Invoice Modifications / Adjustments (Previous Day),
    • Enquiry / Application Enrolment Review Counts (Previous Day & Till Date)
    • Cheque Bounce Entries (Previous Day)

2. Online payment statistics: Number of payment transactions with each status.

3. Parent Concerns Summary: Branch wise No. of concerns received, No. of concerns being attended, No. of concerns closed, No. of Concerns Escalated.

4. SMS Usage: Branch wise No. of SMS sent, cost incurred in comparison with previous month’s usage.

5. Email Usage: Branch wise No. of Emails sent in comparison with previous month.

6. TC Requests Summary: Branch wise No of TC request raised, No of requests in process and No. of TC requests withdrawals and No of TCs issued.

7. User Login Summary: Branch user logins statistics day wise for the week.

8. Staff Attendance Details: Staff attendance status department wise and shift wise along with in time and out time.

9. Staff Leave Details: Staff details who are on leave for the day.

10. Student, Parents and Staff Birthday Greetings: Birthday greetings to students, Parents and Staff on their Birthday.

12. Staff Wedding Anniversary Greetings: wishes to staff on their wedding anniversary.

Branch Email Alerts:

Student Attendance Summary: Present and Absent count and the percentage as per Section wise strength along with the staff name daily in the morning and evening.

Student Absentees: List of students who are absent in the first session and second session.

Consecutive Absentees: list of students who are absent for more than 7days consecutively.

Student Dairy: Section wise General diary and Subject diary with Classwork and Homework details.

Staff Activity Summary: No. of Announcements, No. of Assignments, Student Diary and No. of Activity photos uploaded by each staff for the day or Month.

Vehicle Document Expiry Alert: A comprehensive report on vehicle documents expiry dates of each vehicle.

Branch SMS Usage: Date wise No of SMS, Count of SMS, and Cost of SMS details for the Month.

Branch Email Usage: Date wise No of Emails sent in a Month.

Branch User Login summary: No of Student, Parent and Staff logins in Web and App

Application & Admissions Review Counts Branch: Application & Admissions Review Counts Branch for the next two Academic Years as on Date.

On Leave Staff Details: Branch wise Staff leave details on a daily basis.

Application and Admission Review Counts (Default academic year): No of Applications and Admissions issued for the last 5 days during the current academic year.

Admission Summary – Branch: No of admissions to place in an Academic Year.

Visa Or Passport Expiry Alert: A comprehensive report on Visa Or Passport Expiry details along with expiry date.

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