How to add Sibling Account in MCB Parent App?

MCB identifies the students as sibling when the mobile number of Father or Mother are the same in student details.

MCB Parent app shows the siblings by default.

To add sibling accounts, parents need not enter the login credentials.

As we show their accounts by default, they can add or remove them.

To add the sibling Account,
Step 1: Login to MCB Parent app, Click in the options tab on the right corner, Tab on Add sibling option.

Step 2: It will list the student’s names for whom the same mobile number is added in Father or Mother mobile numbers. To add the sibling, tap on the name.

Step 3: To delete the sibling account, tap on the delete icon which is available on the top right corner of the student details.

How to download and use MCB Teachers App?

In order to enhance teacher-parent communication and achieve efficiency, MyClassboard offers an extensive mobile app for teachers. MyClassboard teacher app is an exclusive mobile app designed for teachers which is compatible with iOS and Android systems. The MCB Teacher App is available through the App Store and Google Play Store and is absolutely free to use.

To get the best experience click on the below link to download the app and use it.


Teacher App Features: 

Using this mobile app, teachers can upload class diary, assignments, mark daily attendance of every individual student, mark events in the event calendar, upload photos related to various events, update and intimate parents with the upcoming events, circulars or notices beforehand.

To know more:

CALL TO ACTION – Contact Account Management Team on 040-48584444

How do I get exclusive mobile apps for my school?

As a valued MCB client, you can start using the MCB Mobile Apps for both parents & teachers for FREE.  Our team is constantly updating these apps with new features and better user interface.  MCB Parent & Teacher apps are available for Android users.  You may download the same by clicking the links below:

Android: MCB Apps

Parent App:

Teacher App:

Click Here to check the upcoming features on MCB Android Parent App