How to Assign Activities and it’s stage to Students?

Assign activities and it’s a stage to students can be done from the branch level login and a class teacher login.

Please follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Login to MCB with branch user login credentials. Click on Grade Book module.

Step 2: Choose Assign Activities to students option under Grade Book menu.

Step 3: Choose Class-section, Activity name, activity skill, activity skill set and click on Get button.

Step 4: Choose the stage if the student from the drop-down for the selected activity skill set. Click on Tick mark to save.

Step 5: To edit the stage, click on the edit icon against the student.

Step 6: Choose the required stage and click on the tick mark to save the change or Stop icon to cancel the changes.

Step 7: To delete the assigned stage, click on the delete icon.

Step 8: Click Yes option to confirm the deletion and No option to revert.