How to upload Class Group Photos?

Class Group Photos

School can upload group photo captured during the academic year for each Class and Section.
Please follow the steps described below to use it.

Step 1: Login to MCB with system admin Credentials.
Step 2: Select Academics on the Menu and you will be directed to the Academics module.

Step 3: Choose Class Group Photos option under Academics menu.

Step 4: Choose Academic year, Branch and Click on Get. If you would like to upload photos for all branches at a time, please select “ALL” option under branches.

Step 5: It will list all classes and sections available in the selected branch. To upload the class group picture, click on the Upload icon [Highlighted below].

Step 6: Locate the file on a computer, choose the file, Enter Remarks and Click on Upload.

Step 7: Once the pictures are uploaded, you view the file preview and remarks as you choose the academic year and Branch and Get.

Step 8: To change the existing picture and Remarks. Click on the upload button and do the required changes and Save.

Step 9: To delete the picture, Click on delete option and confirm by clicking yes.