How to create Assessment?

Creation of staff assessment and assessment level settings are to be created by the system admin.

To create the assessment form and grading scale, pls follow the steps below.

Step 1: Login to MCB with system admin level access and click on HR module on the menu bar. Choose Staff Assessment.

Step 2: To create an assessment, click on create assessment tab

Step 3: Give Assessment Name, Description and choose type of form.

General: When staff performance has to be assessed in non-academic areas [not against the subject], the assessment form needs to be created in “General” type.

Academic: When staff performance has to be assessed against the subject that the teacher teaches, the assessment form needs to be created in “Academic” type. Click on save button.

Step 4: To edit the assessment name, click on the edit icon

Step 5: Make the changes requires and click on save. [highlighted below].

Step 6: To delete the assessment, click on the delete icon. [Highlighted below].

Step 7: To add the assessment objectives and indicators, choose the assessment name and click Get.

Step 8: Click on Add objective

Step 9: Give Objective name, Description, and weightage. Click on Save button to save the objective.

Weightage: Weightage of the objective helps the school admin to analyze teacher’s performance in the category through assessment report.

Step 10: To edit the objective name, click on edit icon [highlighted below]

Step 11: Edit the details required and click on Update.

Step 12: To delete the Objective, click on delete icon [highlighted below]

Step 13: Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Staff assessment area can be further elaborated by adding the indicators for the objective to assess the teacher at a micro level specifically.

To add an indicator for objective:

Step 14: Click on “+” sign to add the indicator.

Step 15: Give Indicator Name, Description and click on Save

Step 16: To edit the indicator, click on edit icon [highlighted]

Step 17: Make changes in the required fields and click on update.

Step 18: Click ok to confirm the updation.

Step 19: Delete the indicator, click on delete icon [highlighted]

Step 20: Click OK to confirm the deletion

Creating Grading scale for the assessment:

School can grade the teachers against the objective or indicators.

Step 21: To assess against the objectives, create a grading scale at the link highlighted below

Step 22: To assess against the indicators, create a grading scale at the link highlighted below

Step 23: To add grades, go to grades tab and click on Add

Step 24: Enter Grade, Grade Point, Remarks and click tick icon to save the grade

Step 25: Click OK

Step 26: Click on Add to add another grade to the scale and follow the procedure given at steps 24 & 25.