Can we limit/allow MCB’s access on a specific desktop/laptop?

Yes, the system admin can white list the IP address and MAC address of a desktop/laptop to allow MCB’s access only on that system. Also, we can block MCB’s access on a desktop/laptop by adding the respective IP address to Blacklist. You can also block countries to not allow MCB’s access.

Below are the security settings a school can enable.

IP White list: Specify your dedicated desktop IP (preferably static IP) from which you want to access your MCB portal. If you define the IP addresses, you can only access the defined IP addresses only. However, Parent/students can access from anywhere.

IP Blacklist: The IP address of the systems added here will not be allowed to access MCB.

MAC Enabled: If you would like to allow any user to work from a specific (dedicated) Desktop / Laptop, you can define that desktop/laptop MAC against that user, so that the user access will be able to open MCB only from that desktop/laptop. Best suited for Accountants for fee collections.

Country Blacklist: If you select any country from the list, if anyone is accessing from the country will be blocked automatically by the system.

Path: Settings / Organisation/ Security Settings