How many types of groups can create and assign for students in MCB?

Schools can create 4 types of groups and assign students to their respective groups. You can create groups in common for all classes or specific classes.

The following are the groups and their purpose.

House Groups:
House groups are used to assign the students at a school level serving a particular purpose. Students can be assigned to these groups from different classes across the school to perform the designated duties.

Ex: The students of the school are divided into 4 groups like the Yellow group, Orange group, Green Group, and Blue group and assigned duties to perform. Define designation as per the school’s student council and assign the designation to students to lead their respective groups.
Define the groups and student council with the designations in MCB. Assign the students to the respective groups and start sending SMS and Emails.

Academic Groups:
Academic groups are used to conduct examinations for a particular group of students. Students can be assigned to these groups from one class or multiple classes.

Ex: The student of the school is divided into different groups as per their learning abilities. Conduct exams to these groups to track the progress of the students.
Define the groups and add the students to the respective groups. Start communication through SMS and Email. Record the performance and report the progress of the students through the Grade book module.

Practical Groups:
Practical groups are used to group the students who are having practical sessions as part of their academic program. It helps in creating a separate timetable for lab sessions and capture the attendance accordingly.

Finance Groups:
Finance groups are used to collect a particular fee for a set of students.

Define group, Add students and assign the fee to the student’s group wise.

Path: Settings / Organisation/ Class Groups