What are the settings available in MCB for an accountant user?

The following are the settings that can be set for an accountant user.

1. Enable Fee un-assigning: can un-assigning the fee while fee collection
2. Need remarks for canceled transactions: Should enter remarks for canceled transaction
3. Enable Fee Assign option during admission: Can assign required fees while filling the admission form.
4. Need to collect fee bank account wise: Can collect fee at a time for the fee types mapped to one account. It restricts the fee collection of other accounts in a single transaction.
5. Avoid fee selection during the payment: Cannot select the fee types while collecting the fee. By default assigned fee can only be collected.
6. Allow cancellation for a transaction: Can cancel the transactions
7. Allow misc fee collection along with the regular fee: Can collect misc fee along with the regular fee.
8. Need selection during the bulk payment: Can select fee types during the bulk payment.
9. Allow expenses amount spend from collections: Can spend fee collection money on expenses.

Path: Settings / Organisation/ Organization Settings/Finance Settings