What are the settings available in MCB with respect to staff common for all branches?

The following are the settings available in MCB can be set for the staff.

1. HR Payroll SMS Sufix: When you send payroll SMS to staff, the code you set here will add as a suffix to our message.
2. Staff SMS: Allow SMS to staff
3. Staff Probationary Days: No of days to consider to as probationary for staff
4. Staff Max. Books: Maximum number of books can be issued to staff
5. LOP Amount Calculation Rule: You can choose LOP calculation based on the number of working days or fixed 30days
6. Branch Level Attendance Modification: Allow/restrict modification of staff attendance in-branch user login
7. Staff Inactive Approvals: Allow/restrict approval mechanism for staff inactivation
8. Biometric Code Settings: There are 3 types that can be set for staff biometric code.

When you set

1- Will set Biometric code same as staff code
2- Will auto-generate biometric code
3- Will allow manual entry of biometric code

Path: Settings / Organisation/ Organization Settings/HR Settings